The Heist (Part 1)
The Hiest:Part 1 is a limited event in a 3 part quest. This quest is a villain exclusive. This quest does not give a monetary reward, however completing it gives you alligence with The Penguin (DC Villains) or Doctor Doom (Marvel), expanding your quest capabilities.

The Jewel of Hamon is touring Stark City/Bludhaven. This relic contains massive power when used properly, even leading to dimension distortion. This relic is safeguarded 95% of the time, however unprotected when viewed by the public. Its a massive ruby diamond shaped stone. Its been saught after by millions, but for educational purposes kept in ownership to the National Geologist Legaue. The scientists at Stark City/Bludhaven have been given 24 hours with the gem but no one knows where the gem is.


Suit up and gather all the intel about the gem, aswell as its whereabouts.

  • Alligence to The Penguin/Doctor Doom