The Primary Titans are located on the west section of the world, covering the americas aswell as the artic and parts of Russia. They work closley with the two other sectors, and are led by the overall leader of the Titans, Nightwing.


  • Nightwing: Nightwing is the overall leader of the Teen Titans. He originally served as Co-Leader to the Original Teen Titans after starting it. But he returned to Batman's side and quit to become nightwing, unofficially leaving the Titans until they were disbanded. Nightwing returned to Titans tower to regather the Titans into an organization of young hero's.
  • Superboy: Superboy was the first recruit of the Titans, having been friends with Nightwing an Aqualad for a long time, he is a higher up of the Titans under only the original three.
  • Starfire: Starfire is an extraterestrial member who was raised in english culture during the early years of the original Teen Titans. She shares a special bond with Nightwing, he having been the first to accept her for her heritage.
  • Beast Boy: Beast Boy joined the Titans shortly after he gained his powers. He was placed by the League to be raised into a hero by many young hero's like himself.
  • Raven: Raven was a hero inducted into the titans to escape her evil life, she quickly became close to the original members such as Robin and Beast boy before it disbanded. She was one of the members to restart the Titans after the dismemberment.
  • Robin: Robin, Nightwings sucessor was inducted into the Titans by Nightwing in an attempt to help Robin realize that he can be a hero of his own.