Titans East is located in the south eastern hemisphere covering countries such as Europe, Africa and parts of the antartic. It is led by Aqualad because he was one of the original Titans.


  • Aqualad: As one of the three original members who began the Team, Aqualad is a figure of seniority and leader of Titans East. He is just about the equal of nightwing unless they are on coverging missions. Aqualad works closeley with Lagoon Boy on east submerged missions.
  • Speedy: Speedy was an honorary member who was inucted into the Titans under Green Arrows recomendation, hoping Speedy would "grow up" with the influence of other young hero's. He became a member of Titans east under Titans East.
  • Lagoon Boy: Lagoon Boy is a member of Titans East, inducted by Aqualad under Aquaman's recomendation, after recieving the same training as Aqualad.
  • Bumblebee: Bumblebee became a member of Titans East after being inducted by her Mentor, Atom after learning how to control her abilities to shrink.
  • Mas y Menos: Mas y Menos were two young heroes who joined Titans East after pleeding to join on their own.
  • Red Star: Red Star became a Titan after being noticed as a vigilante super hero by the League. He was asked to Join the Titans as he was not yet reay to join the League.
  • Impulse: After being trapped in the past on accident, Impulse was placed as a member of the Titans by the Justice League, in order to contain his hyperactive attitude.