Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman Conditioning: After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker developed a great muscle tone which came with arachnid's proportional strength and agility. This grants him incredbile speed, acrobatic potential aswell as incredible strength and senses.

  • Enhanced Senses (Spidey Sense): Spider-Man's spidey sense is the enhanced ability that greats him incredible insticts that allows him to physically feel the potential for incoming danger. It also grants him great hearing, sight and smelling ability all adopted from an arachnid's abilities.
  • Enhanced Agility: Spider-Man gained incredible flexibility and physical reflexes from the radioactive spider that allows him superhuman evasive potential. He is able to easily incorperate many inhumane bends, dodges, flips and spins in combat and just for show.
  • Super Strength: Spider-Man has arachnid's proportional strength, Spider's have the potential to lift over 10x their own weight and intern, Spider-Man is able to do the same. Spider-Man has the ability to crush and lift things many times his natural size with his bare hands.
  • Wall Crawling: Spider-Man gained molecular sized pin like hairs that come from his skin that grant him the ability to cling to any solid surface. He utilizes this to climb vertically on building giving it the nick name "Wall Crawling".

Genius Intellect: Even in his younger years, Parker had an uncanny gift for acedemics. He was nothing short of a child genius which developed into his love for science which intern caused him to earn his powers. Thanks to his knowledge, Parker was able to easily develop and understand his abilities while being able to build tools to fit them such as the suit and his webshooters.

  • Skilled Engineer: Peter Parker is a talented scientist who has proven himself able to create impressive technology such as his web shooters through chemical and mechanical engineering.

Master Combatant: Spider-Man is a combatant of great potential, he is able to overpower and out wit more then his share of enemies, incorperating his superhuman and intellectual prowess into combat. Without any formal training, Spider-Man also boasts a great knowledge for hand to hand combat at close range.

  • Master of Stealth: Spider-Man is utilize his enhanced physical senses such as hearing and sight to hear and survey a suspect from afar aswell as effectivley sneak around from his enemies by using his wall crawling.
  • Master Marksman: Spider-Man has great aim when utilizing his web shoots and can sling them to connect with any target, including moving ones. He is also able to effectivley lead them to anticipate a targets end position and ensnare them.
  • Master Acrobat: Spider-Man uses his superhuman flexiblity and agility to mimic incredible gymnastic and acrobatic ability.