Physical AppearanceEdit

Peter Parker

Peter Parker, the kind hearted and fun loving man behind the mask

Peter Parker is a caussain young man of average height, with an unnaturally muscular build. He has brown hair of normal heigh reaching just above his ears though he cuts it into different styles often sometimes making it short. He also has hazel eyes. In his spider-man uniform which he always has under his civilian clothing, he wears a red and blue costume with black lines that symbolize webs. His inner arms and legs reaching down to under his knee's are all a navy elastic blue while everything else including his head, torso, outer arms, hands and feet are covered in Red. He has his signature spider symbol on his chest and a mask that reveals nothing but has domino eyes.


Peter Parker is a very youthful, kindhearted and spirited young man. He is also noted for having his own unique sense of humor, loving to laugh and cracking wise jokes against anyone, especially his evil doers. Despite his carefree attitude, Parker can become very serious and even very vendetive taking the life of the man who murdered his unkle and sharing a hatful grudge against his nemesis, Venom.