Speedy Appearance

Speedy began his own solo career in order to impress Green Arrow

Roy J. Harper was raised by his wealthy yet loving and charitable father until he tried to save a considerable amount of people and died, leaving Roy an orphan. Roy was then adopted by an older gentlemen who called himself Brave Bow. He showed Roy how to properly use archery to help people as his father wished for him, Roy became skilled with a Bow several years after Brave Shaman too passed away. Roy went out alone early in his life and set his sights on Star City's Green Arrow for attention. Roy impressed Green Arrow with his impressive skills, Green Arrow was shocked at his abilities and took Roy in as his ward and sidekick renaming him, Speedy.

Speedy works close with Green Arrow as his "partener" rather then refferring to him as his sidekick. Green Arrow then noticed that he and Speedy were developing conflicting personalities and to rectify this he introduced Speedy to the Teen Titans. Interested in all the pupils of his time, Speedy decided to become an honorary member of the Titans and developed a close relationship with his friend Aqualad. Speedy now balances life as Green Arrows partener while being called in whenever the Titans need him.