Real name Tim Drake
Alias The Boy Wonder
Age 16
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives Jack Drake (Father)

Bruce Wayne (Adoptive Father)
Dick Grayson (Adoptive Brother)
Jason Todd (Adoptive Brother)

Mentor Batman
Affiliation Batfamily

Teen Titans

Powers and Abilities
Powers Gadgets, Superhuman Level Agility
Primary Skill Master Combatant, Master Weapons SpecialistMaster Detective, Genius Intellect (More...)
Equipment Utility Belt, Collapsible BōStaff, Birdarangs, Grappling Gun, Pocket Tools (More...)

There is also a page entitled Robin (Disambiguation)


Robin (Real Name: Tim Drake) is a Hero of the DC Universe . He is Batman's protege and sidekick aswell as an honorary member of the Teen Titans under Nightwing's supervision. He is also the thrid to take up the mantle of Robin, the first and second being Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.