Red Hood Cowl:Jason's Red Hood Costume is complete with a high amount of weapons in his arsenal. The helmet itself can be deotnated on command, the bikers jacket contains several of Jason's weapons aswell as his boots and gloves.

  • Combat Knife: Jason uses a signature combat knife for various purpouses. It is made out of a powerful allow and is extremely sharp, able to cut Batman's near uncutable lines aswell as pierce kevlar netting.
  • Dual Pistols: Twin automatic pistols that Jason uses in most of his battles. They also fire a quick rate due to Jason's skill.
  • Pocket Explosives: Round devices that can be throw to stick to any surface and detonate on command.
  • Grappling Hook: An enhanced grappling hook used to swing and climb, which reaches over one hundred yards.
  • Smoke Grenade: A canister that releases a thick gray smoke after the pin is removed.
  • Shuriken: Star shaped weapons that are thrown at very quick speeds, most of Batman's weapons are moddled off Shuriken, making them perfect for Jason.
  • Tazer: A high voltage tazer that is used at close range and can give a target a fatal shock.

Weapons Depot: Jason stores weapons he cannot carry in several abandoned apartments around Gotham which can't be carried on hand with him most of the time.

  • Guns: Jason stores a variety of different guns in his depots including, shotguns, assault rifles, miniguns, pistols and sub machine guns.
  • Bazooka: Jason also stores different kinds of missle launchers in most of his depots, used for shooting down vehicles or planes.