Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Peak Physical Conditioning: Jason was a young street orphan who had to fend for himself, he developed a high potential of tuning that was utilized during his time as Robin. Jason has developed a great muscle tone for his age, on par with that of Olympic athletes.

  • Enhanced Strength: Jason posses beyond normal human strength for his size and weight. He can effectivley kick down steel doors and easily break the bones of others in combat.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Jason is a very capable fighter, he is able to easily dodge attacks and counter them in seconds. Jason has been known to be able to fight several opponents at once and rarley ever get hit.
  • Enhanced Speed: Jason is very quick on his feet, after taking out one of his targets he is able to outrun almost any pursuer. On occasion Jason has even escaped the likes of Batman and Nightwing.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Red Hood is a grim reaper of the night and surveys during all hours of the day. He is able to effectivley stay awake without rest for days on end much like his former mentor.

High Intellect: Jason has received excellent education and tutoring from Batman, and thus has extensive knowledge of various subjects. He has also proven to be a highly efficient criminal strategist and organizer as the Red Hood.

Master Combatant: Jason has proven himself in battle on numerous occasions. He was very skilled during his time as Robin and was easily able to take down super villians such as the Riddler and his goons. During Jason's rise in rage he was proven to be competent opponent for Batman aswell, while not quite on his level. Jason is able to use a variety of weapons, martial arts and acrobatics consecutivley in battle allowing him to fight on par with the likes of Nightwing and the Titans.

  • Master Martial Artist: Jason has received vigorous training from Batman in martial arts and after his resurrection, he had travelled the world in order to learn every form of martial arts that he could.
  • Master Weapons Specialist: Jason has mastered a variety of weapons including many that were taught to him by Batman. But unlike his former mentor, Jason is well versed in the use of fire arms such as his signature Dual Pistols.
  • Master Marksman: Jason normally emplys long ranged weapons such as his firearms in battle, yet he chooses to battle in close quarts when fighting. Jason has proven he is able to hit, if not all of his targets in battle, employing his marksmanship alongside his other attributes of combat.
  • Skilled Acrobat: During his training as Robin, Jason has been taught acrobatics in hopes of matching Grayson, which he could not. He further practiced his abilities as the Red Hood and now utilizes them skillfully to dodge and pursue in combat.