Wheelchair: An automatic wheelchair built for Barbara by Batman. It is outfited with a unqiue propulsion and energy filler that never requires recharging and is customizable for Barbara's liking. It can also move at speeds comparable to sports cars if neccessary. The wheelchair is outfitted with hidden compartmants where Oracle can store equipment incase Oracle ever needs it.

  • Eskrima Sticks: Twin fighting sticks adopted from Nightwing..
  • Explosive Pellets: Small marble like devices that are instantly deployable from the wheelchair's underegion to surpize and detonate instantaneously.

Batcomputer: As Batman's operator, Oracle has total unrestricted access to Batman's super computer. She uses to to easily hack and access anything she needs including secret files, schematics and profiles. She can also use to to send and recieve data to and from her parteners.