Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Genius Intellect: Barbara was a very intelligent student during her childhood, gained from her tutoring from her father. Barbara developed a high knowledge for forensics and was able to track Batman's crime sites in order to confront him. She was eventually tutored by the Dark Knight alongside Robin which only expanded her knowledge to great levels. As Oracle she is very knowledgable in geography, technology and detective works.

  • Master Detective: Trained by the worlds greatest detective, Barbara has a large skillset of detective abilities that she uses to aid Batman, Robin and on occassion Nightwing on each of their missions.
  • Master Hacker: As Oracle, Barbara skillfully honed her skills as a hacker, easily able to gain acess to secret files, building schematics and due to her lineage to her father, police frequency and profiles.
  • Master Tactician: Working from the outside of the mission, Oracle has the skillset to devise an excellent plan that allows Batman and Robin to act accordingly.

Former Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Before she was paralyzed, Barbara Gordon was a very talented combatant and hero as Batgirl.

Peak Physical Condition: Barbara Gordon was always in good physical shape thanks to her father's care, but during her training with Batman, she gained a tone comparable to Olympic Athletes. She is very light and athletic comparable to Nightwing's acrobatics while maintaining high strength.

  • Enhanced Speed: Batgirl was very light and athletic, she was able to run at great speeds beyond that of Batman himself due to his muscular physique.
  • Enhanced Agility: Batgirl was very well versed in gymnastics and acrobatics, she was skillfully able to incorperate flips and spins into both combat and evasive movements.
  • High Strength: Although not quite on her fellow protoge's level, Batgirl has impressive strength. She had enough power to knock stell doors of hinges and fracture bones with her attacks.