You're a part of me, Bruce. I can't deny it. And I don't want to any longer. I just wanted you to know that. That, and one other thing -- I'm proud to have been Robin.
Super Hero
Real name Dick Grayson
Alias Robin
Age 20
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives John Grayson (Father)

Mary Grayson (Mother)
Bruce Wayne (Adoptive Father)
Jason Todd (Adoptive Brother)
Tim Drake (Adoptive Brother)

Mentor Batman
Affiliation Batfamily

Teen Titans
Justice League

Powers and Abilities
Powers Gadgets, Superhuman Level Strength, Superhuman Level Agility
Primary Skill Master Combatant, Master Weapons Specialist, Master Detective, Genius Intellect (More...)
Equipment Utility Belt, Escrima Sticks, Wing Ding's, Pocket Tools, Hacking Tools, Wrist Darts (More...)

Nightwing (Real Name: Dick Grayson) is a Hero of the DC Universe. He was once Batman sidekick Robin , but became the guardian of Blüdhaven as the superhero Nightwing. However Nightwing currently spends more time as the leader of the Teen Titans.