Skills and AbilitiesEdit

High Physical Conditioning: The Joker is not exceptionally strong or fast, but despite his appearance he has immense stamina and pain tolerance. The Joker has cheated death numerous times, even in seemingly inescapable and lethal situations. Though he has been seen caught in explosions, been shot repeatedly, dropped from heights, electrocuted and etc..Joker always manages to return fully alive and unscathed to wreak havoc once again.

Expert Combatant: Joker is has above average skill in combat. He is far more skilled then most humans and has even stood toe to toe with Batman, The Joker has moderate skill in hand to hand combat. Over the years it has been shown that although Batman is stronger, the Joker is faster and more agile. The Joker has been known to be able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat against Batman, however every time he is subdued by Batman, it is through physical force. However, the Joker has proven to be very skilled in the area of martial arts as well. However, this skill in fighting can also be questioned, due to different artists having different reincarnations of the Joker. In some cases, he is so weak that [Batman]] can take him down with a single punch, whilst in other cases he has proven to be more than a match for the Dark Knight.

  • Master Intimidator: Joker is feared by all the residents of Gotham and many in the entire world. He strikes fear into his subordinates due to his lack of restraint or remorse.
  • High Intellect: Being a mix of sane, and insane has made the Joker not only crazy but fearless. As sated before he can be sane, or insane, and is known to have no fears, he does what he want, how he wants, when he wants, making him a deadly threat.
    • Expert Tactician: The Joker is known to be a great leader influencing many to do his biding. He uses intimidation to strike fear into his subordinates and can even be regarded as a respectable tactician.. His influenced has caused several regular civilians like one Harley Quinn, to come into the life of evil