Physical appearanceEdit

The Joker is a tall, slender man, with chalk white skin, ruby red lips and a head of bright green hair falling down in a mop style. His most distinguishing feature, however, is his massive and wide smile that is constantly on his face, giving him a sinister sort of appearance at all times. He wears a purple suit with a flower on his lapel, skinny leg pants, a skinny purple tie and a silver chain at his waist.


The Joker's mental state is in fact a previously unprecedented form of "super-sanity," a form of ultra-sensory perception. He has no true personality of his own, that on any given day he can be a harmless clown or a vicious killer, depending on which would benefit him the most (thus explaining the two very different interpretations of the character that have developed over the decades; see below). Joker has been discovered to have no fear. Due to his level of insanity, at times the Joker manifests a degree of superhuman strength.The Joker is known for having a heightened sense of self-awareness that other characters do not, such as breaking the fourth wall at times.