Background HistoryEdit

Tony Stark grew up under his father, Howard Stark during the creation of Stark Industries. Tony grew up without his father for the most part and expanded his intellect to beyond its peek during his time as a child into adolecense. After his father died, Tony had already become sensitized to others and very selfish. He became the owner of Stark Industries and rose it to the top of the world as the greatest Weapons making industry in the world. He created many weapons for the military who he was in great relations with thanks to his best friend, Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes.

With his secretary and long time friend Pepper Pots and Rhody as his only close comapanions, Tony was every desensitized to the people he was hurting thanks to his weaponry. Eventually, Tony was captured after the release of one of his newer weapons by the faction known as the Ten Rings. He was severly injured, having shrapnel pieces near his heart, nearly killing him. He saved from death by Professor Ho Yinsen who nursed him back to health with a new mechanical heart, the Ten Rings demanded that he make them weapons. Instead Tony created an arc reactor that would act as his new heart in order to keep the shrapnel away and it would power his first Iron Man suit which he used to free he and his savior from the Ten Rings.

After his return home, Tony shut down the weapons industry of his buissness and went on to become a humanitarian. He had become a selfless and hardened man who maintained his light hearted exterior, behind the scenes he would act as the Superhero Iron man to help those in need. After his Company nearly plummited, Tony's former right hand man, Obadiah Stane looked to seize the company from Tony through force by creating the Iron Mongrol a suit superior to Tony's. Thanks to the help of his upgraded suit the Mark 3 and his secondary suit used by Rhody renamed "War Machine" they defeated Stane and rose the company back to its prime, the right way. When the world was attacked by Loki of Asgod, Iron man joined with the avengers initiative in order to protect the world. After Loki's defeat, Iron Man became an active leader of the team.