Physical AppearanceEdit

Tony Stark is a tall, muscular caucasian man with short black hair, a beard and black eyes. He has a mechanical heart fueled by his own creation, the arc reactor which is centered in his chest. He is normally seen in public wearing expensive suits and sunglasses everywhere he goes. His Iron Man suit is metal armor that covers his entire body, it is modled with red and yellow designs and a bright blue chestplate in the center.


Tony Stark was once a millionaire playboy enjoying his extravagant lifestyle, selling and creating weapons and inventions. He didn't care how is weapons were used and who was hurt by them, he was very self centered and only worried about making money for his company. He remained this way until the he was captured and severly injured, forcing him to creat Iron Man. Because of this his personality and mind set completley changed, he is now a man who believes that fighting should only be for just cause and even went as far as to shutting down the weapons division of his company. He turned to helping people whatever way he can, even going as far as to sacrifice the strain on his heart to protect the people of the earth.