Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tony Stark has no actual super powers but has a sophisticated high-tech suit of armors created by his immense knowledge involving technology. He often used other armors of any type to fight certain villains, showing his eye for tactics.

Great Physical Conditioning: Tony Stark has trained his body to have an impressive muscle mass in order to handle the strain of the armor. He is limited by his heart conditioning, allowing his body to only handle so much training. Despite this, Tony has an impressive amount of physical strength, speed and stamina.

  • Enhanced Reflexes: Tony Stark has incredible insticts, he is able to react and counter incoming attacks without the use of his suit. This includes the attacks of high speed weaponry including guns,cannons, missles and high tech weapons.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Tony Stark is limited by his heart yet he is able to handlestress better then most humans his age. He has never had a problem resisiting the urge to rest or eat, able to go days without either. He is also able to endure battle for an extended period of time.

Genius Intellect: Tony Starks IQ Could be possibly well over 200, Tony stark is a brialliant engineer, tactician and scientist, he is widly regarded as having one of the keenest minds in the world.

  • Poly Mathematician: Tony Stark mastered more then the majority of maths and sciences in the world during only his adolecense. He has showcased his abilities through his many acomplishments including the creation of his very own periotic element.
  • Master Engineer: Tony Stark has proven himself to be an excellent enginner, he created several iconic Iron Man Suits combined with the famous Arc reactor . He has acomplished remarkable feats such as creating his own element, aided only by his AI Computer, which he created.
  • Master Tactician: Tony Stark is proven to be a formidable tactician, leader and strategist. His vast knoweldge of his opponents, the area and the strengths and weaknesses of those around him, including himself allows him to conduct plans that normally work without flaw.
  • Expert Hacker: Iron Man possess impressive hacking ability, possessing state of the art technology to hack any interface he comes into contact with