Physical AppearanceEdit

Bart Allen is a 14 year old boy from 40 years in the future, he is a Caucasian teenager with a slim physical build. He has brown hair of medium heigh which drames over his face and is parted two ways, like the other speedsters he has emerald green eyes. His costume is a white spandex suit, with a red line on the middle of his body, with red gloves and boots. He wears yellow goggles with red rims. Bart's red gloves have a small compartment which Bart can store small items in.


Bart is a hyperactive, vivacious and very talkative speedster, who was very appreciative of his extended family in the past. He is also a braggart aswell as a very proud speedster, annoying many of his comrads, especially Kid Flash. Whether accidental or intentional, Bart constantly seems to "spoil" information for people, such as revealing information about the Future, although he won't tell anything if asked.



Barry Allen: As his grandfather, Bart is very loving and obsessive of Flash whether in or out of costume. He is constantly by his side and asking questions while trying to maintain "family time". At first Flash was not fond of Impulse due to the fact he simply didn't believe that he was from the future. After learning the truth, Barry began to embrace Bart but inducted him into the Titans to get him out of his hair.

Family: Bart is very loving and obsessive towards of all his extended family including, his grandmother Iris, the wests and his "honorary great grandparents" the Garricks.

Kid Flash: Bart and Wally have a sibling rivalry like relationship where Wally seems to be jealous of Bart's advanced abilities. Though this is not the main source of Wally's annoyance towards Bart, because of his namesake impulsive attitude Wally is constantly annoyed by Bart's antics.

Mas y Menos: Impulse is very good friends with Mas y Menos. They are very relatable in the sense that they are very hyperactive and talkative. They are much like the younger brothers of Titans east and together they constantly irritate the other members such as Speedy.