The chat is used MAINLY for Adventure Mode. Socializing is o.k, just not when quests are occurring. If you constantly interrupter a quest, you will receive a day ban. Stick to your character when doing a quest, if you have to talk to someone about something not related to quests, Private Message them. If you've been banned, please contact the user who banned you for details. Have a look at the User Rights log to see who banned you.


YOU MUST HAVE 10 Mainspace edits. These edits should be edits on your character, to make sure you are prepared when you enter the chat.

Don't annoy peopleEdit

Or Use common sense - if you think you're doing something that would annoy people, try and think of another way of saying it, or don't say it at all. Most people find that TYPING IN CAPITALS ALL THE TIME is very annoying.

Don't Talk About Inappropriate thingsEdit

Sex, Fetish, Dating, Drugs, Or Anything Near These Topics Can Result In A Kickban.

Racism Edit

This shouldn't even be a rule, but racism nor racist or steryotipical jokes will not be tolerated.

Remember: People marked as "online" might not be watching chat right nowEdit

Lots of people use chat, that doesn't mean that the second you've sent the message, they'll be watching it and will start to reply. If nobody replies, then it's probably because chat is quiet, and other people have gone to do something else. If you need to say something to a particular person, try their Message Wall.

Don't send a bunch of lines in quick succession aka FloodingEdit

If you've got something to say, say it in one line, don't use the enter key as punctuation. Don't repeat the same thing over and over, and don't send a bunch of emotions in a new line, it's annoying, and disrupts the flow of chat.

Trolling and SpammingEdit

Trolling and spamming will not be tolerated.

Keep the language appropriateEdit

Wikia is a place for people 13 and up, the chat is a place for the entire Battle Union community to gather, that means language should be "family friendly".


Using caps like this: "I HATE That Card", is alright but using uhem like this: "TOLOLLO TORLOOLO TORLLOLO TROLLOL. TROLLOLRO. TORLLOL.", is not

If you've got a question, feel free to ask it - don't ask to askEdit

We're ok with answering a question if we know the answer, so go ahead and ask.

Have funEdit

This should be obvious.