This is the character policy. When making your character, follow this.


  • Your character page can have anything, but it must be in the <tabview> manner. This means that the character description, the abilities, the history, or any other paragraphs that dont relate, must be seperated into different tabs.(Help:Tabview to learn how to use these tabs)
  • Each tab must have a Category. The Category format is simple, categorize your tabs by [[Category:{{{Characters name}}}]]
  • You character MUST belong to one of the four tribes. It must also pass inspection at Warpgate Inspection.

Character Design Edit

You can design your character in any way you please, with some small rules:

  • Graphic Nudity will not be tolerated
  • Profane titles will not be tolerated
  • Theft of someone else's character will not be tolerated

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Your character can have any powers and abilities so long as they relate to each other. A character with super speed should be somewhat thin and agile, not large and bulky. You character cannot be too dentical to any pre-exsisting character. In other words, you can't recreate Batman with a different name.


Like before, you can use any equipment you can come up with, however, It must match suit character, and be fair. No gear is unbreakable, no gear has invincibility, and no two gears can be exactly identical.