Physical AppearanceEdit

Green Arrow is a tall, muscular built man with short blond hair, a blonde beard and blue eyes. Because his superhero guise is Green Arrow he seems to prefer green colored clothing. Originally, Green Arrow based his costume off of Robin Hood, he wore a dark green shirt with a hood underneath a long light green vest, black pants and green boots. He replaced most of this after meeting with Speedy in order to have somewhat matching outfits. He now wears a light green sixteenth century-style hat complete with feather which matches his sidekicks, a long lighter green shirt covered by a deep green vest, black pants and green boots. He carries a quiver along his back that is filled with arrows and has a black strap that goes along his chest. He also has long green gloves, a black mask, and a green belt with a gold "G".


Green Arrow is notably one of the more lighthearted superheroes of the DC Universe, who doesn't take himself as seriously as his many other heroes. Always as quick with a quip and joke as he is with his bow, he seems to have a sense of fun when he's out in the field. This however can often put him at odds with his teammates, particularly members like Batman. As a mentor, Green Arrow does not quite behave the same way that Batman and Aquaman do with their sidekicks. Though there is a sense of formality between them, Green Arrow has been shown to treat his relationship with his sidekick more playfully. He seems to have seen his relationship with Speedy in particular that of a friend rather than mentor and sidekick. This behavior however has led him to allow Speedy a great deal more leeway in behavior and attitude than other members of the League would normally.