Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman Conditioning: With the Super Soldier Project, Steve Rogers was transformed into a superhuman who possessed incredible strength, durability and stamina. His muscle conditioning was enhanced beond natural phenomenon.

  • Super Strength: Captain America possess incredible strength that allows him to lift, toss and crush things over twice his size. He also displays his strenth with his ability to toss his shield over a hundred yards.
  • Invulnerability: Captain America's physical tone allows him to endure attacks from super beings and enhanced technology while being able to get up and continue combat.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Captain America possess incredible stamina that allows him to train and battle day and night without the need for eating or sleeping. Captain America also displays enough stamina to continue running at impressive speeds for days.
  • Enhanced Speed: Captain America's muscular prowess allows him to run at impressive speeds.

Master Combatant: Captain America is a superhuman, skillfully self trained soldier breeded for battle. He is a combat expert who is able to skillfully plan out his attack and use his enhanced abilities to defeat his opponents with expertise.

  • Expert Weapons Specialist: Captain America has been trained to use a number of weapons including an arsenal of fire arms and his iconic vibranium shield.
  • Expert Marksman: Captain America has skillfull aim with his shield that allows him to correctly aim and ricochet off of several walls to hit a single or several targets.