Skills and AbilitiesEdit

High Physical Conditioning: For his slim build, Aqualad is very nimble and quicky, he is also very muscular and possess impressive strength. He has built his body through combat training during his growth as a young boy.

  • Enhanced Speed: Aqualad has spent most of his life swimming in the sea, this has made his legs very strong and he has built very impressive surface speed while on his feet.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Aqualad has naturally higher stamina then that of a human, and has developed a high tolerance for the lack of sleeping and eating.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Aqualad possess very impressive reflexes, he is able to use his nimbleness to dodge most incoming attacks by utilizing his acrobatic talent aswell.

Expert Combatant: Aqualad has trained himself to become very well versed in combat arts. He is normally a long ranged fighter who uses his great knowledge of sorcery and hydrokinesis.

  • Master Sorcerer: Trained in the arts of Atlantean Sorcery from Youth, Aqualad has been noted as a very powerful Sorcerer by the greatest Atlantean Sorcerer their is, Queen Mera. He is able to use a variety of different Magic which is an edge he has on his mentor, Aquaman.

Genius Intellect: Since he was young, Aqualad was noted to be a very intellegent Atlantean who is known to follow things as history tells it. This is showcased by his calm and studious dimeneur.

  • Dualingualist: Aqualad is able to speak both human english and atlantean.